Resep Healthy breakfast Paling Top

Healthy breakfast.

Resep Healthy breakfast Paling Top Hello mom,, selamat datang di situs resep masakan ini. Pada artikel kali ini kita memiliki Resep Healthy breakfast. Resep kali ini memiliki 7 Bahan utama, dan 2 cara memasaknya. Yuk langsung kita praktekkan membuat Healthy breakfast.

Resep Healthy breakfast

  1. 40 gr Quaker oatmeal instan.
  2. 50 gr susu cair UHT full cream.
  3. 65 gr yogurt cair original.
  4. 👉🏻Bahan Topping:.
  5. Secukup nya buah frozen/segar.
  6. Secukup nya black chia seed.
  7. Secukup nya pumpkin seed.

To help you start your day on the right foot. To reap its positive health benefits, make your breakfast using the most nutrient-dense ingredients. Searching for a breakfast to support your weight loss goals? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do any of us truly know why?

Langkah – Langkah Healthy breakfast

  1. Masukan oatmeal dalam mangkok,tambahkan susu cair dan yogurt.
  2. Tambahkan bahan topping di atas nya.

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